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Sonichem (formerly Bio-Sep)

Sonichem ultrasonic technology
driving the sustainable
chemicals of the future

We have transitioned our brand to Sonichem (formerly Bio-Sep), as we embark on an exciting new chapter of innovation and growth.


Sonichem biorefinery technology is an ultra-clean way to convert low-value woody biomass (e.g. sawdust) into high value green chemicals 

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Low energy

Our ultrasonic technology requires significantly less energy than conventional methods, resulting in green chemicals with a low carbon footprint.

Sonichem zero waste icon

Zero waste

All the biomass that enters our process is upcycled into pure platform chemicals – with no co-products, no impurities and only recyclable solvents.

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High quality green chemicals

Our process creates three clean product streams with a huge range of potential uses, including some of the purest lignin on the market.

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Responsibly-sourced biomass

We only use non-food woody biomass – by-products from the forestry and agricultural industry – that would otherwise be burnt or left to rot.

Our products

Our green chemicals sequester carbon and can be used to create a wide range of products, packaging, and materials with a low environmental impact.


Cellulose                             >

Hemicellulose hydrolysate   >

Lignin                                   >

Cellulose in Wood
Hemicellulose in Wood
Sonichem Lignin from sawdust

Our impact

Fossil fuels and the burning of waste biomass from
forestry and agriculture are significant contributors
to rising CO2 levels in the earth’s atmosphere. To
tackle the climate crisis, we need to find clean
technological solutions that reduce our reliance on
depleting reserves, like crude oil and gas, while
better utilising the world’s renewable resources.

Sonichem technology optimises the use of the world’s natural resources at every step, reducing our
collective reliance on fossil fuels and avoiding
excess and waste.

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