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CARMA - a consortium led by Sonichem to make bio-based automotive resins materials

Sonichem Leads £600K Funded Consortium for Sustainable Automotive Materials

Sonichem is leading a £600K Innovate UK-funded consortium to revolutionise the automotive industry with sustainable, bio-based materials. It’s no secret that the transport sector is under significant pressure to
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Adrian Black and Sonichem's executive team

Leading the ripples of change

Leading the ripples of change: Adrian Black’s journey from coding to cleantech Sonichem was founded in 2007, and the company has been riding the waves of innovation and sustainability
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Dr Andy West with Sonichem Lignin

Dr Andrew West, Awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Congratulations to Dr Andrew West, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry Sonichem is celebrating the exciting news that our Chief Chemist, Dr Andrew (Andy) West, has been made
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Sonichem Crowdfunding with Seedrs

Help us Create Sustainable Ripples in the Chemicals Industry Through Crowdfunding

Invest in bio-based chemicals and start a ripple of change Petrochemicals permeate every nook and cranny of modern society, playing an integral role in the production of everything from
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Speciality Chemicals Magazine October, with Sonichem Article

How Nature is Giving a New Face to Cosmetics – Speciality Chemicals Article

Our commercial director discusses the potential application of bio-based chemicals produced from the ultrasonic Sonichem biorefinery process in cosmetics. The bio-based chemicals cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose sugars are extracted
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Sonichem new brand from Bio-Sep

Bio-Sep Unveils New Brand Identity Sonichem

The team at Bio-Sep are excited to reveal a major rebranding to Sonichem. This rebranding, effective immediately, is inspired by our core proprietary technology, which focuses on the ultrasonic
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Sonichem Lignin resin extracted from sawdust

Looking at Superior Lignin

Looking at lignin in a new light It’s well known in the biorefinery community that lignin is an untapped renewable resource of useful chemical building blocks, but creating value
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Bio-Sep Biochemicals and Biorefinery

New Joint Industry Project with iCAST and the National Composite Centre

Bio-Sep (now Sonichem) Launches new Joint Industry Project to Fuel the  Green Revolution Bio-Sep (now Sonichem) has begun an exciting joint industry project which aims to develop renewable, bio-sourced
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Foresty and Timber News October 2022

Creating Sustainable Composites From Sawdust

The Green Revolution, creating sustainable composites from sawdust Forestry and Timber News, October 2022 – Wood in the Circular Economy Edition Confor The Green Revolution Carbon is the backbone
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Allia Climate Accelerator

Bio-Sep Joins Allia Climate Accelerator 2022

Bio-Sep were selected to join the very first cohort of Allia’s Climate Accelerator programme, which is culminating in a pitch day on the 14th July, when we will be
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$1,7 Million Fundraise For Scale Up

Bio-Sep secures $1.7 Million for our green-tech that turns sawdust into sustainable biochemicals, from investors including London Business School’s Enterprise 100 investment club and ACF Investors, with additional participation
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Process chemist role complete

Hiring-Process Chemist

We are Hiring  – a Process Chemist – Bio-Sep is seeking a talented process chemist to join our growing team as we scale our ultrasonic biorefinery technology. At Bio-Sep,
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