Bio-Sep Unveils New Brand Identity Sonichem

Sonichem new brand from Bio-Sep

The team at Bio-Sep are excited to reveal a major rebranding to Sonichem. This rebranding, effective immediately, is inspired by our core proprietary technology, which focuses on the ultrasonic processing of low-value woody biomass to derive high-value green chemicals.

Sonichem’s new mission and vision statements bolster the company’s contribution to a circular economy where humanity can sustainably meet its chemical needs by maximising the value of renewable resources.

Our new logo, featuring a ripple effect, symbolises both the ultrasonic waves essential to our process and our aim to instigate meaningful sustainability changes in the supply chains of the chemical and forestry sectors.

Other elements of the brand evolution include a new colour palette that represents a modern green chemicals company, alongside new imagery to reflect sonication effects and the hidden green chemicals naturally contained within biomass. 

Adrian Black, CEO at Sonichem, announced: “We are delighted to embrace a fresh identity that demonstrates how our unique, low-energy biorefinery process is sending ripples through the chemical industry. Rebranding to Sonichem reflects the next stage in our growth journey as we supply our partners across multiple sectors with high-quality biochemicals extracted using our ultrasonic technology.’

This change is limited to our brand, and Sonichem Technologies Limited is our new official registered name. All our team and contact details remain the same, though is now our primary domain name for emails and we invite you to explore our refreshed brand throughout this new website